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How about the microplastics of foul weather gear?

What is the problem?

During production, use, and laundry all synthetic fabrics shed tiny fibers and plastics parts that end up in the environment. These so-called microfibers & microplastics are smaller than 5 mm, and most of the time can’t be seen by the naked eye. Synthetic microfibers and plastics alike don’t degrade in nature.


Source: Ocean Clean Wash


Not all microplastics are filtered out by wastewater treatment plants. And eventually, these microplastics will end up in our rivers, seas, and oceans, entering the marine ecosystem and the food chain. Unfortunately, there isn’t a viable natural alternative for the synthetic fabrics used for foul weather fear. Mostly as a result of the performance, we demand from the gear when it comes to waterproofness and breathability.

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What we do

Whenever we service your nohaca gear we will wash and dry it. Not only for a fresh smell and feel but also to reactive the durable water repellant (DWR). We do this by washing with a biodegradable liquid detergent that is gentle on the DWR, washing, and drying at low temperatures, and with a low spin cycle. Furthermore, we use a microfiber filter by Planetcare for catching all microfibers released during the wash. Meanwhile, we are on the lookout for even better solutions for this issue.


Want to take care of your gear at home in a responsible fashion? With our biobased care products by OrganoTex and the microfiber filter by Planetcare for home use, and the right settings of your washing machine, and dryer you are definitely on the right track!


Visit  for a complete list of pointers and solutions which are already available today!

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