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Meet a sailor; Patrick Gasperz

Meet a sailor: Patrick Gasperz

Ship: Downbeat  – Archambault A35

This is the first season with Downbeat in marina Muiderzand, a great marina with a very competitive sailing club, and evenly competitive club competition. Till now we participated in 10 out of the 13 races. And although we sometimes get caught in the seaweeds, just like most of the other competitors, we managed to do fairly well. With some good results and a 3rd place finish as the best result so far. There are still a few races planned for the season and we will do everything we can to improve our 3rd place finish.


Besides the club competition and recreational sailing trips, I planned to participate in some bigger events. So we raced the endurance regatta “Ronde om Noord-Holland” in the dual-handed class. This regatta was a high and a low in one. We had a great start and were sailing strong, considering the lack of experience we had sailing Downbeat dual-handed. This was until the night felled and the heavy rain, thunder, and heavy wind gusts came alone. The weather forecast predicted the weather would be like this for the entire night. And halfway into the race, we decided to quit.

At the moment this was a major disappointment for me as a sailor, despite only 40 out of the 160 participants finished the race. In hindsight, I believe we made the right call by choosing safe rather than brave.


After the summer season and the end of the club competition, Downbeat will head to the Grevelingen to compete in the winter series. I can’t wait to participate in the series and sail Downbeat better and faster as we will get to know her!

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