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Fairtransport “First Edition” sailing gear

150.00 for 2 months and a 100.00 sign-up fee

You are about to discover the world and learn the art of square-rig seamanship together with our friends of Fairtransport. With all the ingredients to make it a nautical journey of a lifetime! In case you don’t have use for proper sailing gear besides this epic journey, nohaca offers Faitransport trainees the possibility to rent the required gear.


How does it work;

  • The rental price is a fixed price for up to one whole leg (up to 2 months)
  • Use the online size charts or fit tool to find the right size for you
  • Still, in doubt about the right size? When possible be welcome to visit one of the NL based stores
  • Order your size trousers and jacket (EU shipping only)
  • Due to the nature of the Fairtransport ships only the dark grey color is available for Fairtransport trainees
  • Make sure to mention your departure and arrival date at the checkout
  • Your gear will be shipped 2 weeks before the departure date
  • After your arrival date, you will receive return instructions via e-mail. The return shipment is included in the rental price
  • Ship the sailing gear within 1 week after receiving the return instructions
  • After receiving the sailing gear in good order (no damages besides regular wear and tear) the sign-up fee will be returned within 14 days
  • We will get the gear back in shape for the next trainee!
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