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What is recrafted apparel

However what is recrafted apparel? And why do we use it for our recrafted sailing suits?

So what is recrafted apparel? In short, the answer is “new” apparel made from pre-used clothing, apparel, and materials. When using pre-used materials for new products often leads to unique one-of-a-kind products. A great example is this beach bag made by Mijn Buuf from used event flags.


Recrafted apparel has a lot of environmental benefits, like the sensible use of pre-used materials avoiding “waste”.  Which by itself lowers the demand for raw virgin resources as crude oil for the production of synthetic resources, and lowers the use of water- and fertile lands for natural resources as cotton. Added bonus is that these materials don’t end up in the landfill or incinerator. Only this recrafted apparel lacks constancy in quality and volume for apparel to feel like “new”. However there is another why of recrafting old materials


This is why we use recycled polyamide for our sailing jackets and trousers. The fabric is made from discarded fishing nets, and production fabric trimmings are recrafted to new polyamide fabric. Lower our environmental impact making the gear to keep us dry on our sailing adventures.


Sensible exploring the great outdoors with recrafted apparel and gear.


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