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Why do we use recycled polyamide for our sailing gear

Why do we use recycled polyamide for our sailing gear? And why do we not use recycled polyester instead?

Our recrafted sailing gear is made with GRS-certified recycled polyamide. A conscious choice as recycled polyamide is made in one of two ways. The most one is recycling production scraps or “waste” into new recycled polyamide fabrics. These scraps are a by-product of producing yarn and fabrics for your (polyamide) apparel. Of course, this isn’t waste instead it is a resource for recrafting new apparel. This form of recycling is also referred to as pre-consumer or post-production recycling.



Post-consumer recycling on the other hand is recycling fabrics, materials which have already been used. For recycled polyamide, the most known example is the repurposing of discarded fishing nets. so also this waste is still valuable as a resource for the production of new apparel made with recycled polyamide fabrics. 



Whether it is polyester, fleece, lycra, or nylon (polyamide), the mechanical recycling of synthetic fabrics for new apparel has by itself already major environmental benefits. Reducing CO2 emissions and reducing the demand for crude oil as a resource in comparison with virgin synthetic fabrics. However there are a few reasons why we chose recycled polyamide for our hardshell instead of recycled polyester.

Our main reason for choosing polyamide has to do with the possibility of post-consumer recycling. Where mechanical recycling works for homogeneous fabrics it isn’t possible to recycle mixed fabrics in this way. And although it is possible to chemically recycle mixed fabrics, at the moment, this doesn’t provide enough environmental benefits to make this a viable option. So at the moment, there isn’t a viable option for recycling your used sport shirt made with a fabric consisting of 98% polyamide and just 2% elastane. This is the same reason why it isn’t possible to properly recycle the waterproof and breathable membrane of your sailing gear. 


However, there is already some promising research done for the post-consumer recycling of mixed fabrics with polyamide. Research is absolutely vital in progressing towards closing the resources circle. For mixed polyester and other synthetic fabrics, this is unfortunately not the case. By choosing recycled polyamide for our hardshell we increase the demand for more sustainable resources, bringing us closer to closing the resources circle, and making post-consumer recycling of polyamide economically more and more viable. For the same reasons, we chose a polyurethane (PU) membrane for our sailing gear instead of a PE of a harmful PTFE membrane.

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