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World Cleanup Day 2020

Did you know over 80% of the world’s plastic soup originates from the land and flows to the seas by rivers? As sailors, we are committed to battle plastic pollution at its source. This is why nohaca will join the Maas Cleanup during the World Cleanup Day 2020. With cleanups all over the world, you can join too! Check out this site for a cleanup near you! Will you participate in a cleanup? Let us know by sharing a pic!

UPDATE 21-9-2020

Last Saturday together with 5.000 of the @maascleanup and over 20 million volunteers we participated in the cleanup. We are mega proud of volunteers who made the river Maas and the planet a little bit cleaner today!

Will you join us next year?

#worldcleanupday #letsdoitworld #maascleanup 

photo credits @ Frodo Jansen

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