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nohaca world cleanup day

World Cleanup Day 2021

Are you there on 18 September 2021?


In 180 countries over 20 million volunteers will join the World Cleanup Day 2021!


Nohaca & Het Stadslokaal will organize a local cleanup in the city center of Leiden. Where will clean up as much litter as possible around the Rhine & Single in Leiden. You can join us with a SUP, boat, or walking by letting us know here.

Rijn & Singel Cleanup

Start: 18:00


@ Tabú (Rembrandstraat 27, Leiden)


Can’t make it to Leiden, but you do want to join a locale cleanup? Check out for a cleanup near you

It was a great Cleanup!

It was a great day with big thanks to all the volunteers! With volunteers from Brazil to Denmark, together we cleaned up the Rijn & Singel for at least a day. Just 3 garbage bags however filled with countless cigarette buds and small plastic wrappings. Next year we will definitely be there again!

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